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permanent signs

'this belongs to me' or 

'this came from here' ­­ 

the body

my body, upon which

you left your signature

the good prison

once written 

you opened me up

like a book

cue laughter stay in touch

i love you repeat
the brand is perfect

addicted to the feeling 

what was manufactured
simulated acceptance

what was understood
 you perfectly

I was masturbating with sailor moons scepter
While you watched on Skype
You were recording the screen with your iPod
‘Dont say watch me, don’t say look at me’
I won’t cum till you look away

I usually lose my good posture when I’m full of fear
confusing but You stay and watch
I feel I am evil
Resistance is just fear
It’s inevitable, like math

you wanna boss my thighs around
what kind of life would they have under your rule?
they are looking for a new home

(fatalogue) listen Perv if dreams Please Etc
It’s beyond my control
Lol. The body
The mind
Blow it blue like the one I had a minute ago